The Boy Scouts and the Great Reunion

“Under such Agreement, Commissioner Porter and his Staff so selected and brought to Gettysburg such body of Boy Scouts, some 385 all told, in Troops of twenty-four, each under a Scoutmaster, and the services they rendered were of inestimable value.”

The above paragraph, reproduced from Pennsylvania’s official report on the Great Reunion, summarizes the role of the Boy Scouts of America during the Great Reunion. As the report goes on to mention, the Scouts who attended did wonderful work under trying conditions:

“Under the noon day’s scorching sun, through drenching rain, here, there, everywhere, any hour, day and night, until their officers actually forced them to desist for necessary rest, this splendid body of intelligent young gentlemen, in their neat service uniforms, trained, disciplined, trustworthy, courteous, so aided and assisted this Commission and the Army Officers in our duties as hosts of the occasion, that they added new laurels to this general Boy Scout Movement, to its State Officers and their particular Troops, won the profound appreciation and gratitude of hosts and guests alike and the enconiums of the press and public who witnessed their week’s services, their splendid part in the Great Reunion.”

(A side note: as you can probably tell from the above portion, the Great Reunion’s official report was “noted” for some VERY long sentences!)

We should also note that the Boy Scouts of America had not been in existence very long by the time of the Great Reunion…barely three years, in fact, with the organization having been incorporated in early 1910. However, they had built up enough of a reputation that by the time the Great Reunion’s final planning came around, the Commission decided to enlist the aid of the Scouts…and as noted above, the services provided by the boys were invaluable to the success of the event.

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