Reciting the Gettysburg Address during the Great Reunion

On July 2, 1913 – the second day of the Great Reunion, officially termed Military Day – Mister Barry Bulkley of Washington, D.C. was introduced by Colonel Andrew Cowan of Louisville, Kentucky. Colonel Cowan had been selected to preside over that day’s ceremonies and his duties included calling that day’s ceremonies to order at 2:00 P.M. and then introducing each of the day’s speakers.

Mister Barry Bulkley was the fourth speaker after Colonel Cowan, and he had been selected to recite the solemn words of the famous Gettysburg Address for one simple reason, as mentioned in the official Pennsylvania proceedings of the Great Reunion:

“When that great President, the friend of the whole country, who knew no animosity, was assassinated, the first surgeon to reach his side was Dr. John Wells Bulkley, who remained with him to the end. His son, Mr. Barry Bulkley, will read Lincoln’s Gettysburg Cemetery Dedication address at this time.”

Barry Bulkley went on to recite the Gettysburg Address, the words of which were also recorded in the official proceedings following the record of Mister Bulkley’s introduction.

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