Let them eat cake (and pies and vegetables and…)

Feeding more than 50,000 veterans who attended the Great Reunion was a monumental task that fell to the United States Army. More than 156,000 pounds of meat and 14,700 pounds of fowl were prepared by the Army’s cooks and consumed by the attendees, along with 7,000 cans of fish.

Vegetables were plentiful: 216,777 pounds of fresh vegetables along with 17,795 pounds of dried vegetables and more than 30,000 cans were eaten. These figures are from the official Pennsylvania report on the Great Reunion and by the way, 7,000 pies – each 2 1/2 pounds! – along with 53,000 dozen cakes were consumed! Yes, you read that correctly: 53,000 DOZEN cakes. One might assume that “cakes” doesn’t necessarily mean a full sheet cake or layer cake, but rather a smaller individual-sized cake of some sorts. Still, that’s a lot of dessert!

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