Longstreet(s) and Pickett(s) attending the Great Reunion

If you, the reader, are well-versed in the history of Gettysburg and the Civil War, you likely know that General George Pickett of “Pickett’s Charge” fame died in 1975, and General James Longstreet passed away in 1904. Neither was alive at the time of the Great Reunion to be in attendance.

Several of their grandsons were present, however, and in the official proceedings of the Great Reunion that were published at the end of 1913, one finds a picture of three grandsons of General Longstreet and two grandsons of General Pickett posing outside a tent. Despite the stifling heat during most of the event, all of the young men (they all appear to be in their teens or early 20s) are wearing shirts and ties, and most are also wearing suit jackets.

These five descendants of those famed Army of Northern Virginia generals are joined in the picture by two more young men: E. J. Stackpole, Junior, and Albert Stackpole are their names, according to the caption. Not being familiar with the name “Stackpole” I did a little bit of research – not very difficult in these days of the Internet and search engines – and found that sons of E. J. Stackpole, Senior, the owner of the Harrisburg Evening Telegraph and also a publishing company called Stackpole Books that still exists today in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania (part of the Harrisburg metro area).

Also, Albert Stackpole appears to have gone on to an illustrious military career himself (in addition to his publishing work with his brother), rising to the rank of Major General and having served in World War I, World War II, and the Korean Conflict. Perhaps rubbing shoulders with the grandsons of Generals Longstreet and Pickett as a very young man inspired him to do so?

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