A preview of our Gettysburg, 1913 blog entries for June 29 – July 4, 2013

On June 29, 1913, thousands of Civil War veterans began converging on the encampment grounds just outside Gettysburg, with most of them remaining through the July 4th address by President Woodrow Wilson.

Our entries to date since beginning our Gettysburg, 1913: The Great Reunion blog have been about the historical background, personalities, facilities, and many other aspects of the Great Reunion and the events leading up to that moment. On June 29, 2013, however the entries will take a shift in a different direction. For six days visitors to Gettysburg, 1913: The Great Reunion will see “real-time” entries, many times each day, as if social media and blogging existed 100 years ago and we were your on-the-spot bloggers keeping our followers updated throughout the day with what was occurring.

So for the next month, our entries will remain much as they have been since this blog began on January 1st to mark the six-month countdown to the 100th anniversary of the Great Reunion. But stay tuned for the shift on June 29th. Just as the old CBS “You Are There” television and radio program from the 1950s took listeners and viewers back in time to historic events as if they were observing those occurrences first-hand, we’ll attempt to do the same within the entries of Gettysburg, 1913: The Great Reunion.

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