Um…any “good widows or old maids” out there in Pennsylvania?

One of the more interesting, almost quirky stories that came out of the Great Reunion is the tale of “four or five Missouri veterans” seeking…well, I have to quote directly from the July 2nd, 1913 edition of the Gettysburg Times to get this right, so here goes:

“To his Honor, the Mayor,

Dear Sir: There are four or five of us old veterans of the Battle of Gettysburg in this county who will be in your city at the celebration and, if you have got a few good widows or old maids who would like to marry and go west, we can accommodate a few. They must be good housekeepers and not too young.”

The rest of the article noted that “names of all applications for the position of unsalaried housekeeper” will be forwarded along with photographs to those veterans, presumably if any of the “good widows or old maids” of Gettysburg, circa 1913, stepped forward in response to this request.

Unfortunately, history does not tell us if any “good widows or old maids” – or any other women who were “not too young” – wound up as wives to these Missouri veterans of the Battle of Gettysburg, so we can only wonder what the outcome was.

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