Our last post before going back in time 100 years: some wonderful commemoration medals

Starting in less than 2 days, on the morning of June 29th, our blog posts will be coming from…well, 100 years ago. See our page on “time machine blog posts” for more details.

In the meantime, several days ago a reader of this blog, James Oberg, asked if he could submit photos of a GAR medal and also a “New York Day” medal from 1893 that had belonged to his grandfather (and in turn, if I follow correctly, the medals originally belonged to James’ great-grandfather). Specifically, from his e-mail:
Gottleib Grams, my mother’s grandfather [enlisted as ‘Greams’], was
in the 54th NY. He was a German immigrant in New York City,
The documentation is still confused. I don’t have specific information
about which actions he was in. He was 19 at the time of Gettysburg.

My grandfather was his youngest son, presumably the older boys
were given the actual battle medals.

JULY 1,2,3 1893
New York Day

1861 – VETERAN – 1866
[BACK] PATENT [date illegible]

So have a look at the pictures of these medals, courtesy of Mr. Oberg (thanks James!) as you prepare to travel back 100 years with me…very soon…









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2 Responses to Our last post before going back in time 100 years: some wonderful commemoration medals

  1. James Oberg says:

    I’m still seeking contact with any historians specializing in the 54th NY and its personnel. Thanks!

  2. James – quick note right before I go back in time 🙂

    I’m by no means a historian about the 54th New York so this is only “Googleized info” – but I did do a search for “54th New York Civil War Roster” and came up with several sites on the first page of hits that do have lists of names. I know for other units, such as Buford’s Cavalry/8th Illinois and the 69th Pennsylvania (both of which I used in my novel), I’ve come across complete rosters of all the companies. So hopefully one of those will have some of the info you’re looking for. There was one site that said it had a roster but the links didn’t work, I think it’s in progress (or possibly abandoned; not sure).

    I did look through the official New York Monuments Commission Report but couldn’t find anything about the 54th NY in there. I’ll keep looking though. Alan

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