June 30, 1913 5:00 P.M.

Earlier today it was believed that two more veterans had died, bringing the death toll to a total of four, but the U.S. Army Medical Corps released a bulletin indicating that this report was inaccurate so far as they know. Throughout the day as temperatures have risen, rumors have swept the encampment grounds that dozens or even hundreds of men had died but these rumors are unfounded.

The Medical Corps and the Pennsylvania Health Commission, along with the Red Cross, are doing everything in their power to preemptively provide aid to veterans before they succumb to heat stroke and other ailments.

Further bulletins will be provided as details become clearer.
Between June 29th and July 4th, 2013 our posts will come to us courtesy of the “blogging time machine” we have secretly and mysteriously sent a century into the past to the site of the Great Reunion at Gettysburg.

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