July 3, 1913 8:00 A.M.

One was a Billy Yank, the other a Johnny Reb.

Two men on the encampment grounds began speaking and after the initial pleasantries they learned that 1) each was named John Carson, and 2) each one came from a town called Burlington. Alas, that’s where the strange coincidence ended: one of them was from Burlington, New Jersey, and the other was from Burlington, North Carolina.

And as indicated above, each fought on a different side of the war.

Still, yesterday’s Gettysburg Times reported that both men “were so tickled with the coincidences that they walked a mile in the broiling sun to the press tents to tell about it.”

Between June 29th and July 4th, 2013 our posts will come to us courtesy of the “blogging time machine” we have secretly and mysteriously sent a century into the past to the site of the Great Reunion at Gettysburg.

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