July 4, 1913 1:00 P.M.

The 50th anniversary commemoration of the Battle of Gettysburg is now officially concluded, though some veterans will remain at the encampment grounds for a day or two longer.

One hour ago, at noon, the church bells of Gettysburg began tolling as a bugle was sounded. As the members of the Pennsylvania Commission and distinguished guests stood at attention, the colors were lowered to half-staff. At that moment veterans of the Blue and the Gray; regular Army officers and enlisted men; Boy Scouts; civilian workers; and guests stood at attention as guns in the distance began firing their salute.

The guns remained firing for five full minutes then after ceasing, our Flag was raised to full-staff. At that moment, the Great Reunion was officially concluded.

Between June 29th and July 4th, 2013 our posts will come to us courtesy of the “blogging time machine” we have secretly and mysteriously sent a century into the past to the site of the Great Reunion at Gettysburg.

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