June 29-July 4, 1913: To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg, more than 50,000 Civil War Veterans ranging in age from 61 to more than 100 years old converged on the scene of that titanic battle half a century earlier in what was known as the Great Reunion.

This blog is dedicated to the upcoming 100th anniversary of the Great Reunion at Gettysburg. With the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg approaching, we’re on a mission to help the Great Reunion make its way back into the national consciousness after being all but forgotten in the century that has passed…despite being an occasion so significant at the time it was praised in newspapers around the nation – North and South alike – and also from around the world:

“You may search the world’s history in vain for such a spectacle…This is a day to thank God for, and remember. And any American is dull of soul and unworthy of citizenship if he does not feel his heart glow and his thoughts turn to Gettysburg with thanksgiving.” – The Columbus Citizen, July 1, 1913

“If the gentle and strong spirit of Lincoln could today revisit the field of Gettysburg he would see there a fulfillment of all his visions.” – The Atlanta Constitution, July 2, 1913

Help revive the memory of the Great Reunion and pay tribute to more than 50,000 aging veterans – from both North and South – who made the journey to Gettysburg 100 years ago for the high watermark of healing the wounds of the Civil War.

You can contact us at info@alansimonbooks.com.

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